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Select your color and size and we will do the rest for you! Here is how it works:

Color- choose from the following:

Pastel: Pinks, Lavender, Peach, Light Greens, White, Cream

Bright: Yellow, Orange, Hot Pink, Vibrant Purples

Traditional: Yellow, Red, Blue, White

Sizes- picking your size also indicates how much you would like to pay for your arrangement:

Small: 3 Roses, accent florals, greenery and baby's breath.

Medium: 6 Roses, accent florals, greenery and baby's breaths

Large: 12 Roses, accent florals, greenery and baby's breath

Extra Large: 24 Roses, accent florals, greenery and baby's breath.

All Arrangements will come with a decorated vase and food.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless Delivery is purchased (a separate listing), it will be assumed you will be picking up at the Fort Riley Shop. In the sellers note, please indicate which day you will be picking up: Friday May 10th or Saturday May 11th. Orders must be placed before May 5th. 

These Flowers are for sale ONLY via the BLSC location at the Fort Riley Exchange for our Mother's Day Weekend, bouquets will be available for pick up on Friday (May 11th) or Saturday (May 12th) If you need to speak with someone, you can contact us: 2210 Trooper Gate- Exchange Shopping Mall located across from Starbucks/ (785) 371-4412 (calls will only be received during store hours 10-4pm EST)

Floral Care: Flowers will come in water that already has food inside, when water becomes cloudy, please empty water and clean vase, add new water and use the food provided to stay as fresh as possible. If petals begin to shed, remove from the flower head to expose fresh layer of petals.

Pictures are examples, due to them being handcrafted the designer, they will not be exactly the same.