BLSC Signature Product- Pedicure Foot Bars

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BLSC Pedicure Foot Bars are perfect for more then just your feet! If you garden, paint, craft, a mechanic, and even a body builder, then these are perfect for you too!

I have numerous people returning customers for this product. Lets dive into what these are and what exactly that can be used for.

These duel exfoliating bars to clean and remove stubborn dirt and oil on your hands and feet. The top is gentle with pumice and the bottom has a natural loofah for heavier exfoliation. 

- Body Building: to get rid of those much deserving calluses on your hands! 

- Crafts: paint, petroleum products, and adhesives stuck on your digits.

- Mechanics: come on, we all know when someone has been working on a vehicles. That black stick tar like oil that is stuck within the deep grooves of your finger prints. These work wonders, just ask my husband!

- Painters: stubborn oil and water based paints can be a pain to get off your skin but these can help for sure!

- Gardeners: dirt and mud stuck under those nails, around the cuticles and fingers.... the top AND bottom work perfectly for different sensitivities of skin!  

Available in changing scents but Cucumber Melon, Papaya Mango as well as Tea Tree is always a stable scent you will be able to purchase. $6 per bar.


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